10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

By Patrick Carrothers for The Owner of WeightWise4U.com

Hear the jingle bells in the distance? Something’s coming – the most wonderful weight gain time of the year, or not! Are you dreading this holiday season? Worrying about gaining back the weight you’ve already lost?

Take pressure off yourself. Focus on weight management instead of weight loss during the holidays. As always, keep making “living healthier” your lifestyle and your habit. Approach the danger zones with a plan and with confidence. So here are 10 tips to add to your plan to celebrate holidays the healthy way this year!

Make time for exercise. This relieves holiday stress and prevents weight gain. Recent research shows even seven minutes of vigorous exercise a day makes a healthy impact on your body. With the wealth of free online videos and body weight workouts available, there are so many ways to build exercise into even the busiest schedule.

Do not skip meals. Skipping breakfast or lunch before a big holiday dinner can actually cause you to overeat.

Offer to bring something healthy along, such as a salad, vegetable dish, chicken or fish if you know you won’t find healthy choices at a gathering.

Savor, savor, savor! Make this your mantra. Slow down, pace yourself and become aware of what you are eating and drinking. Taste every bite. Be mindful of how much you have eaten and you will find it easier to stop before you are stuffed.

Select small portions. This will allow you to enjoy all the different foods offered, while still controlling your calorie intake.

If you drink alcohol, select lite wines and beers, rather than mixed drinks. There’s usually a keg of calories in the mixers that go into cocktails.

Stand away from buffet tables and food trays while networking and talking to avoid the urge to nibble.

Talk more, eat less. Sometimes we’re feeling a lot of anxiety about seeing family and friends we haven’t seen in a long time. Other times we feel anxious about meeting new people. Instead of using the food as your anxiety reliever, make a game out of seeing how many times you can engage others in conversation and giving them compliments. Make giving compliments your holiday gift to others during these events. That may help your holidays be more about enjoying company and conversation and less about the food.

Fill your plate with a rainbow of colors from varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Learn to say “no” politely. You can say: “No thank you. I’ve had enough. Everything was delicious.” This works even with most who will not take “no” for an answer.

Social events do not mean that you have to totally abandon your healthy eating habits or wreak havoc on your waistline. Even if you’re not completely successful at eating right on occasion, compliment yourself for trying. And then try harder the next time!

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