Top 10 Resolutions For Career Advancement In 2013

Ring In The New Year With A New Work Attitude

Ready to put 2012 behind you? Was it the best of times for you, or the worst of times? Either way it is soon to be a ghost of Christmases past. Time to set a plan for growth in the New Year.

Here are Sizzlewonk’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions sure to move you forward in your work and your career:

#1 Know Your Boss’s Priorities for Your Position

Sometimes your boss is your biggest asset. Sometimes your boss is your biggest liability. But you can deal with both by making your own attitude and behavior your focus. It is the only thing you can control so bring your best to work every day.

Start the new year by understanding what your boss needs from your position. Why does your job exist? What does the business need from your position?

If your boss really doesn’t know or want to talk about it, then you need to figure this out for yourself.

Ask your boss to explain to you why your position exists. This is your baseline.

#2 Take On More Than Is Expected Of You

By all means deliver on what your boss needs from you. But chances are your boss is too busy to talk to you in depth.

She may be trying not to overwhelm you with too much. That’s always an opportunity for you. Don’t wait to be told what to do.

You must figure out some things that need to get done in your department, but that aren’t getting done. Just do it.

If your boss doesn’t want you to do it, she’ll tell you. But if she does and didn’t ask for it, you are on the road to being irreplaceable.

#3 Ask “What Else Can I Do To Help You?”

And who do you ask? Your coworkers? No. You ask your boss. If you spend much time helping your coworkers, your boss is going to ask you why you aren’t focused on your own work.

And I am here to tell you your job is to knock your boss out with great work. If you have time to help coworkers out a lot, then you don’t understand your job.

#4 Be A Finisher

Anybody can start projects. You will be known as a finisher. Someone who gets things done. Makes things happen. A closer. A killer.

If you have a To Do list longer than 10 items, you need to work late to get more done. Or move some items off the To Do list and onto the Maybe list. Learn to understand what the priorities are and focus on those.

You can always count your must do priorities on one hand. Decide what actions you can take and finish that will have the greatest impact now, for the short term. Put your long term priorities on your other hand.

# 5 Take Command Of Your Position

Master your job. Understand how your position can deliver great value to the business and to your boss. Don’t wait to be told how to do this.

Know the details, the costs, the ROI. By all means, know the results of your work.

#6 Toot Your Own Horn

Your boss is too busy to keep track of everything you’re doing for the business. But you need to make absolutely certain your boss knows exactly what you’re accomplishing.

Read that sentence over. This is a huge key to success.

Make a list of everything you have completed and write this as an email to your boss. Just bullet points will do. If you have a regular meeting time with your boss, don’t wait to be asked “what are you working on?

If you hear that question from your boss, you, my friend, have a BIG problem. Make certain your boss never wonders what you are doing with your time. As Aristotle said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”

Never let any of your superiors wonder what you are doing. That empty space in their minds will be filled with negatives. It is simply human nature to do so.

You should form a goal every week and tell your boss what it is. If he wants your focus elsewhere, then you just advanced your understanding of his priorities.

#7 Accept Direction Without Defensiveness

Chances are good your boss knows more than you do. I know it sometimes seems like a stretch, but just accept that she has a lot to teach you. If you have a good boss this won’t be a problem.

But if your boss is not well suited for the role, I still want you to accept them as your superior.

In fact, if you have a weak boss, you have a great opportunity to help them. Become an asset to them. Help them succeed. Your boss’s superiors will notice. If they don’t, you should probably find a new place to work.

#8 Write Your Top 5 Goals For The Year

You do have written goals for your life, don’t you? You should also write your top five “make a difference” goals for your year at work.

If you want a terrific resource for goal-setting guidance, read Brian Tracy’s “Maximum Achievement.”

This resolution should actually be #1, but I knew if I started there, you would put me in a box labeled “Goal Setting.” As valuable as goal-setting is, I didn’t want you to assume this is the main element of my advice.

#9 Visualize Your Success Every Day

Sound weird? Trust me, it’s the most powerful action you can take to achieve your goals. It only takes a minute or two in the morning or at night before you go to sleep.

Close your eyes and see your boss congratulating you on your great work. Hear your boss saying “Thank you.” Hear your coworkers saying “Congratulations!” Feel yourself shaking their hands.

Why not visualize yourself at this time next year saying to a friend, “2013 was a great year!”

#10 Celebrate Your Progress!

Career advancement is a journey. You will enjoy the ride more when you celebrate the small victories. Be patient, be positive and stay focused on the progress you’re making. You will stumble now and then; accept your mistakes. Accept being human. Turn the negatives into positives by learning from them. That’s something you can celebrate!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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