Small Biz CEO’s Wish List For Santa

Dear Santa,

I know you’re really stressed this time of year so I hope you have some Xanax. We’ve had our share of good stress this year, since we grew 20 percent. I have a tree at work and in case you’re planning to stop by, here’s my small business success Christmas Wish List:

A Time Travel Machine

The more we grow the more there is to get done every day. So until I can figure out exactly how many new managers and employees we can afford to hire, a time machine would be a big help.

I could go back in time to complete all the tasks that didn’t get done. Maybe I could correct all the mistakes I made too.

A Real Wood Harry Potter Magic Wand and Key Holder
I would use this to magically instill motivation in all our employees. There is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY for everyone right now, but so few see it.

Or if they see it, they just don’t know how to go about improving their situation. So on the key ring I would like you to add The Keys to Success. At least I can wave it at them.

A John Madden Call To Duty Video Game
Please make a video game that shows employees how to tackle opportunity and shoot all the zombies of ignorance and negativity that threaten their lives. I need one for each employee please.

This would combine the fun and action of Madden NFL, the weird thrill of killing in Call To Duty games, and the keys to personal development of Brian Tracy books. That way they could still play fantasy video games while developing real power for their own success.

A Kindle Fire Brian Tracy Edition
This would be a Kindle that only accepts downloads of Brian Tracy books, and classic literature would be okay too. One for each employee please.

A Magic Eight Ball For My Desk
But please load this with only the negative responses:
“Don’t count on it”
“My reply is no”
“My sources say no”
“Outlook not so good”
“Very doubtful”
This would be a fun way for me to discourage what I think are bad ideas from the management team. I can say, “Hmm, let’s consult The Magic Eight Ball on that one.”

Thanks for listening Santa. I’ll stop talking like a 7-year old now.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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