What Kind Of Manager Are You, Anyway?

How Do You Measure Your Success As A Manager?

Results, as in financial results, right? Most successful managers are skilled at driving financial results. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what brings promotion and bonuses.

It’s easy to lose yourself in your own intensity sometimes. I recently read an article that raised the question: “Do you measure your success by your best or your worst employee? That got my attention.

I’ve never thought that way about management. In fact, I’ve always leaned toward the top performers. Who doesn’t? But I like ideas that make me pause and think like this.

First, I don’t keep dead weight on my team. If you make a hiring mistake, accept it and let that person go. Do not invest in individuals that you know are not going to develop into a top performer.

Next, think about those individuals that are frustrating you. What was it that won you over to them in the first place? Focus on that ability and start retraining that employee based upon that skill. Expand their confidence and knowledge from that point. That will put your relationship with them back onto a positive path.

The Foundation of Management Success

If someone on your team is struggling, is it your management style that’s the problem? The foundation of management success is your leadership. Do your employees want to follow you?

They must trust that you will be fair. They must understand what you want and need. They want to feel that they are progressing. They want to feel appreciated for effort. They want credit for their accomplishments.

How you manage the worst performers defines what you will accept for the rest of the team. If you allow one person to run along in their own little world, that hurts morale for everyone just as much as if you take credit for employee ideas, or lash out in a public show of frustration.

Today’s a good day to see in your worst performers that shining quality that won you over to them in the first place. Reboot your approach and become a better teacher. That will keep you on target for management success.

What do you think? Leave a comment, thanks.


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