Sizzlewonk’s Right Brain Warm Up

A Simple Way To Switch From Left Brain To Right Brain Thinking

Do you have trouble being innovative while you’re at work? You are not alone. If you’re a manager you spend most of your time analyzing and solving problems. Most of your day you’re a left brain killer. That’s why you’re a good manager.

You analyze charts, process p&l numbers, calculate expenses, percentages and inventory. The rest of the time you are listening to your employees tell you about their problems. Your brain is processing how you would go about solving these problems, but you hold your tongue and ask, “What do you think we should do?”

You’re fast. Your boss loves you for it. Then you get called into a “brainstorming” meeting. Maybe it’s a formal meeting with lots of other managers. Maybe it’s a one-on-one with your boss. Either way you never feel like your mind can get started in these meetings.

That’s because you’re a Left Brain Hero. Sing it with me: “Left Brain Hero, stars in your eyes!”

It’s Hard To Switch From Left To Right Brain Thinking

It’s really hard to switch from your left brain to your creative, right brain mode. The ability to make this switch may be the difference in career advancement for you. Especially if you’re a marketing manager. Hot shot marketing and advertising execs are usually good at using both sides of their brains, and they do it every day.

One way I try to make the transition is to play a game. Play breaks the left brain mode, especially word association play. If you need a quick warm up before your next brainstorming meeting, try this:

“Sizzlewonk’s Right Brain Warm Up Game:”

Pick a book, any book. I just grabbed The Pursuit of Wow by Tom Peters.
Open it to any page and put your finger down on any word on the page. I chose “purchasers.” Write your word down. Now write the first word that comes into your mind. I wrote “customers.” So my note looks like this:

purchasers – customers

Now do this four more times. Turn to another page and write down the first word you put your finger on. Then write down the first word that comes into your mind. Do this until you have five found words and five association words.

My list looks like this:

purchasers – customers
arrange – flowers
jawing – whales
enemies – friends
microscope – telescope

Now make a sentence using your five association words. Just put them together so they work in a sentence even if it doesn’t make any sense. My sentence is:

“Customers buy flowers from whales and friends watch through telescopes.”

What the…? It doesn’t, but it does, make sense, in a creative way. It gets your brain associating and accepting things as they are. The simple act of associating freely will help you switch your Left Brain Hero into a Right Brain Maestro.

Try it and let me know if it helps.


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