Success Book Recommendation: Vision – Your Pathway To Victory

Keys To Success from Gordon D’Angelo in “Vision

Vision by Gordon D'Angelo, a success and leadership bookVision” by Gordon D’Angelo, offers you powerful fundamental truths and techniques that will help you achieve your dreams. D’Angelo’s writing style does not thrill me, but the content does.

I’m the leader of a rapidly growing small business with 23 employees. My success as a leader is directly related to how well I communicate and connect our whole company to my vision.

Connecting the management team and including their vision creates real power to make things happen. The managers then connect everyone on their teams to this vision and our power is magnified.

That’s why I was attracted to “Vision: Your Pathway To Victory” when I saw it on The New York Times bestseller list.

When I realized this “Vision” was written as a guide to personal achievement and success, not really as a guide to “that vision thing” for leaders, I was intrigued.

What Are You Waiting For?

Authored by Gordon D’Angelo, CEO of NEXT Financial Group and former CEO and founder of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, the book has cred. D’Angelo led Jackson Hewitt from six stores to 6000.

The author presents a very specific roadmap to his Strategic Visionary Planning method. If you’ve not been exposed to the power of writtten goals, this book is a good place to start.

My personal success guru. Brian Tracy, offers similar instruction. Written goal setting has been a mainstay of business and personal success guides for centuries.

There’s no shortage of goal setting guidance available, especially in the US stretching back to Ben Franklin.

So if you haven’t developed a written goal statement, what are you waiting for? This is powerful stuff!

What’s New In This Book: Sharing

What I see as new about D’Angelo’s approach is his elevation of written goals into a written vision that you actively share with others. This strikes me as outstandingly powerful.

So many people keep their goal statement in a private notebook and look at it once a year. I agree with D’Angelo: get it out of the darkness and share your vision regularly.

This applies to leaders also. When you share your vision with your team, you’re trying to connect them to it. The leader’s goal is to make clear what’s in it for your employees.

It’s like a CEO trying to connect all the employees to “The Mission.” You do this by making them a part of the creation of the mission.

This book has a similar premise, except this vision is personal. And D’Angelo convincingly shows how vital it is to connect your vision to as many people as is possible and rational. But this isn’t to say you must go overboard. Sharing with one person adds power too.

Others Multiply Your Power

Have you experienced the power your team generates when they connect to the leader’s vision? It is very real in multiplying the power of the vision. So I see what D’Angelo is going for. Connect many others in your life to your vision. They will multiply your power to succeed.

This book takes goal setting farther than other guides I have read. It provides a template for making your goals, or “vision,” definable, measurable and tangible.

It also provides a template for creating “bridge numbers” or milestones on your path so you can experience the energy of small successes along the way.

The author has great ideas for “the delegation of initiatives” as part of the sharing process. It isn’t as cold-hearted as it sounds. It is in fact based on D’Angelo’s belief that others in your life have a natural desire to help you expand your success.

This “delegation” is another word for what makes great salespeople great: they can’t stop sharing! It’s part of their nature.

Even if you have more of an introvert’s approach to life, you can understand and use the techniques in this book. You can start right where you are now in whatever job you have now.

Make your dream for yourself tangible, measurable, definable. Write it down. Share it. Connect others to your vision.

This book can be your MapQuest to success. I believe you’ll thank Mr. D’Angelo for sharing.

Have you read “Vision” by D’Angelo? What did you think of it?


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