64 Reasons You Must Vote Today

#1 Voting For President Will Make You More Successful

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About half the eligible voters in the USA will not vote in this election. I want them all to know they are holding themselves back from greater success.

I’m passionate about leadership and career success. That’s what I write about here and that’s what I try to teach at home and at work. A big secret to success is caring about your work and knowing that whatever work you do today you must give it your best.

Why is this such a big secret? Most people simply haven’t gotten that message from their parents and their friends. They grow up learning to feel powerless. They grow up in families where bitching and moaning about everything is a way of life every night around the dinner table.

Most non-voters believe their vote makes no difference. Do you believe not caring helps you get ahead at work? Apathy will get you nowhere in your career and nowhere in your life.  This is the “powerless” belief in action. What’s the way out of this hole?

Start changing your approach to work by beginning to assume responsibility. Throw off the chains of negative thinking. Take control of your own life and career.  Declare your independence from negative parents and bitter, powerless friends.

Voting is an act of empowerment. It’s an act of participation, not withdrawl. If you are one of the millions who don’t vote, start changing your life today by voting. Give more to your work. Give more to your relationships. Don’t hold back. Give more to your community and country. The more you give the more connected you will be to all of the important factors of personal happiness.

If that’s not enough of a reason to vote, here are 63 additional reasons:

7 Big Democratic Allies Have Higher Voter Turnout

We call ourselves the leaders of the free world, yet seven democratic countries have much higher voter turnout than the USA. And I’m not counting those with compulsory voting laws like Australia. Here’s a look at general voter turnout in national elections among our allies:

  • New Zealand     88%
  • Germany     86%
  • Israel     81%
  • United Kingdom     76%
  • France     76%
  • Canada     74%
  • Japan     71%
  • USA     58%

56 Men Signed The Declaration of Independence

Fifty-six wealthy Colonial businessmen, lawyers and church leaders believed enough in the need for independence and the ideals of freedom that they effectively put a noose around their necks by signing the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Did many of them own slaves? Were more than a few just trying to protect their wealth? Sure. But from the very beginning of our country, our government found ways to overcome our differences and unite around central objectives in order to effect the greatest good for the greatest number.

It was never perfect. Never has been. Never will be. But that’s not the point. Look at these 56 grown men willing to die for ideals. That is our tradition. Connect yourself to this historic revolution by casting your vote. In effect, add your name to the declaration of independence.

Then, to anyone who claims your vote makes no difference, you can proudly say, “It makes a difference to me and to my fellow patriots, as ‘We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.’ ”

Why did you vote or not vote? Leave a comment, thanks.

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