7 Reasons Your Business Needs More English Majors

English: Creating lifelong customer value with...

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Are you hiring to fill an entry level position in your marketing, communications or advertising department? Consider hiring an English major. Here’s why:

1. English majors learn the most fundamental marketing skill of all – the art of persuasive writing. Without this skill you’re just pushing paper.

2. Persuasive writing gives communication power. You must have it to effectively talk to customers, stakeholders, employees and team leaders, in short, everyone up and down the ladder.

3. English majors are trained problem solvers. They know how to study a problem, research known solutions, synthesize new solutions to fit your needs, document their conclusions, share, and repeat.

Say what? Aren’t English majors just romantic dreamers who spent their college years reading stories? Yes and no.

4. Your department could use a little romantic dreaming, a spirit of adventure, a quest for fresh ideas. Yes, English majors are romantic dreamers. You just need to search for the ones who got the whole communication power thing. They are out there.

5. And no, English majors did not just spend their college careers reading stories. They were being trained how to think deeply, how to discover fresh knowledge and insights, and how to write about it – persuasively. That’s power for your business.

6. English majors are comfortable with ambiguity. They can see maybe 50 shades of gray (did I mention the sense of adventure thing?) where others see black and white. That means they’re sensitive to nuance. Turn that loose on the voice of the customer and stand back because fresh, money-making insights are going to pop out of them.

Aren’t you tired of easy answers from your staff? Black and white thinkers make great radio shock jocks, and first class Office Opinionators, but very poor marketing managers. Marketing is all about innovative thinking.

English Majors

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7. English majors are in touch with the deep seated wants and needs of your customers. That’s what all those stories are about really. Desire for success, power, peace, self-confidence, courage, sex, connection, belonging: exactly the drives you are targeting in your business? That’s how you build lifetime customer value.

So grease the economy and power up your marketing team by hiring an English major this year.

Did I mention that I was an English major?

What are your thoughts on English majors for business?
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