Leadership Book Recommendation: Learning To Lead

A Workbook On Becoming A Leader

If you’re searching for the best books on leadership, put Learning to Lead: A Workbook on Becoming a Leader on your list. What I like most about Learning to Lead is the workbook.

The authors, Warren Bennis and Joan Goldsmith, are both formidable authors of management and leadership books. There’s certainly no shortage of leadership books on the market.

Most of the popular ones are centered on famous business leaders like Steve Jobs and Jack Welch, or big name coaches such as John Wooden and Lou Holtz.

You’re probably searching for guidance on something much simpler than running a major corporation or a Big Ten football program.

Making the switch from management to leadership is challenging. You may be seeking ways to build your confidence in a new leadership role at work. Or what to do to motivate the cast of Doonesbury characters that make up your team.

You received your promotion or your new job because you mastered the process of doing something really well. But now you have to get work done through others. That can be a freaking challenge!

Being a new leader at work may not come naturally to you. Whatever it is, you know you’re nervous about how to be successful in your new role. There’s lots of advice available to you on the market.

But I don’t recall seeing anything as potent as the workbook exercises you will find in this guide.

The authors propose that excellent leaders all tend to share similar attributes. You probably know the “leadership book” routine by now: inspiring stories of leaders great and small that demonstrate a list of attributes you too can master. You’ll find this in Learning to Lead also.

However, take the time to do the writing exercises at the end of each chapter and you’ll find yourself undergoing a transformation.

Take your time with this book. I know you’re not accustomed to slowing down, and the whole idea of questions to answer at the end of each chapter, are you kidding me? Is this college all over again?

I was frustrated with this too at the beginning. Trust me, type your answers or get a notepad and hand write your answers to these questions. Be prepared for insights and true guidance.

I found the chapter “Creating a Powerful Vision” to be an inspiration, and I’m no rookie to leadership. I wish I had read this book 10 years ago.

Buy a copy links:

Learning to Lead from Amazon 

Learning to Lead from Barnes & Noble

What’s your favorite leadership book? Share a comment, thanks.


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