Great Fitness App For Business Travelers

Simple is Good. Fitness is Good. Simple Fitness is Awesome – Nike Training Club

I highly recommend the phone app, Nike Training Club, for business travelers. It’s free, easy to use and it makes keeping fit on the road simple. You can actually just do it!

I like to travel light on business trips. There’s no longer room in my suitcase for bulky cross trainer shoes and a gym outfit. I used to pack them, but never use them. How about you?

The life of the Road Warrior is one of tiring long days in a suit. My feet are swollen and hot after hours tied up in dress shoes. And for those who work tradeshows, the days are long and the nights seem way too short. I would get back to my room and want to go down to the fitness center, but there’s usually no time between that and meeting up with the team for a late dinner. I tell myself I’ll workout in the morning. Then the alarm is always a shock; didn’t I just lay down to go to sleep?

With the Nike Training Club app on my iPhone, I can hit the snooze button and still have 30 minutes for a butt-burning workout in my hotel room. Plus I’m wearing nothing but my Jockeys. (Sorry for the visual) It seems so much easier than getting dressed and going to the fitness center. Now I actually work out while on the road.

The Nike Training Club app is a personal trainer on your road trip. Each exercise has an attached video demonstration to help you get the moves right. The app talks to you when it’s time to switch to the next exercise. Everything is timed by an easy-to-read digital timer display.

You can create a music playlist or tell it to play the music you listen to most often from your phone music library. That doesn’t work for me; somehow Appalacian Spring doesn’t inspire me to sweat. But I have a random playlist of U2, Peter Gabriel and The Bryds that does get me moving.

The app is obviously geared toward women. I don’t know why it isn’t uni-sex, and I searched but could not find a Nike app specifically for men. But I don’t care. This app helps me stay fit on business trips. The workouts are tough as nails. It’s free. And the girls in the demos look awfully good. That’s added inspiration to stay in the club.

What’s your secret for staying fit during business travel?

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